The Key Ingredients in Dog Food



#The key Nutrients in Dog Food# #Fat# While it is true fat may be harmful to humans ,when it comes to dogs, it is an essential nutrients needed for your dog. The fat content of commercial kibbles varies between 9-22% on a dry matter base in puppy and adult dog foods, 20% in performance diet and up to 50% in sled dog diets. Fat provides energy for your dog, additionally fat carries fat soluble vitamins including essential fatty acids needed for your dog's coat and skin. Although fat is good for your dog, too much fat which normally comes about as a result of adding home made fatty meat to your dog may leave your dog with pancreatitis commonly known as 'garbage " disease. Fat content in dog food require preservatives to prevent rancidity. Rancid fat in your dog food can lead to gastrities(inflamtion of stomach walls) and vomiting as well as affect palatability of the dog food. Some dog owners sometimes add fatty meat to the kibbles in their bit to boost the weight of their dogs or increase the dog's fat intake, this may be relevant for low quality dog meal but may be a waste of time and monies in a premium dog food since your dog get all it's essential nutrients needed for it's growth from the dog food. Was this information helpful? Send us a WhatsApp on 233243701137 and save our number to join our private broadcast and get regular updates on best practices to get the best from your dog. Thank you and Good day! #adanfopapetdogma #fatindogs #essentialfatty acids #adanfopapetcare #shihzusfromAdanfopa #homeofpedigreeshihtzus


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